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Integer error number, obtained from header file IError Oblique camaras had beendesigned to allow photography from a safe distance, but the heavy tree cover in Laos usually required vertical photography for. Development of insect resistance to synthetic pesticides, high operational cost and environmental pollution have created the need for developing alternative approaches to control vector-borne diseases. Adhatoda vasica, Bauhenia variegate, Bombax ceiba, Carrisa opaca, Caryopteris grata, Debregeasia salicifolia, Lantana camara , Melia azedarach, Phyllanthus emblica, Pinus roxburghii and Olea ferruginea collected from lower Himalayas against two Gram positive Staphylococcus aureus, Micrococcus luteus and two Gram negative Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aureginosa bacterial strains. Enzymatic hydrolysis of pretreated biomasses of weeds has been conducted with mechanical agitation and sonication under constant non-optimum conditions. Windows Management Instrumentation 2.

Questionário sobre o passaporte em mfc download. Clipes do grupo scorpions download. Baixar lake patch para android. Download mp3 free the doors. O livro . BAIXAR GC PATCHER MFC - Alison De Moura Coutinho. Atualize os drivers de dispositivo do seu PC. Veja como foi RBB. Veja como foi OMB. A Solvusoft é. Download de cheats cop 35 patch. Download de Cinquenta tons de cinza livros de download via torrent. O download da O banco de dados mfc download. [Quick-List] Grand Chase - Download de Cheats/Hacks/Utilitários Atualizada 10/ 07/ GC Patcher Toda vez que vou entrar no gc quando ele vai atualizar aparece "GCPatcher MFC Parou de funciona", ja reinstalei um monte de vezes. g.c. history GrandChase History - Patch Manual. Por Jm', Março 9, em Grand Chase Tive que baixar por aqui, pelo launcher tava demorando demais.

However, their anthelmintic activity should be confirmed in vivo. Treatment of bovine dermatophilosis with Senna alata, Lantana camara and Mitracarpus scaber leaf extracts. This study describes interesting preliminary results on the therapeutic effects of ointments prepared with extracts of medicinal plants on bovine dermatophilosis.

Our results show that the use of ointments made with ethanolic extracts of leaves of Senna alata, Lantana camara and Mitracarpus scaber, as topical treatments on chronic crusty or acute lesions of dermatophilosis, induces healing of the disease in the nine infected animals treated without recurrence. This is opposed to what is observed by using oxytetracycline, terramycin long-acting TLA , or procaine-penicillin, antibiotics commonly used parenterally for the treatment of dermatophilosis in the Republic of Benin which could not prevent the recurrence of the disease.

These ointments, when applied once a day for days, provoked the falling off of the crusts after days of treatment. Hair grows on the treated areas, which heal without scarring, within weeks after the end of the treatment.

The healed animals became free of dermatophilosis without recurrence for more than 3 years and were in good health. Verbenaceae invasion along streams in a heterogeneous landscape. Streams are periodically disturbed due to flooding, act as edges between habitats and also facilitate the dispersal of propagules, thus being potentially more vulnerable to invasions than adjoining regions.

We used a landscape-wide transect-based sampling strategy and a mixed effects modelling approach to understand the effects of distance from stream, a rainfall gradient, light availability and fire history on the distribution of the invasive shrub Lantana camara L. The area occupied by lantana thickets and lantana stem abundance were both found to be highest closest to streams across this landscape with a rainfall gradient. There was no advantage in terms of increased abundance or area occupied by lantana when it grew closer to streams in drier areas as compared to moister areas.

On an average, the area covered by lantana increased with increasing annual rainfall. Areas that experienced greater number of fires during had lower lantana stem abundance irrespective of distance from streams. In this landscape, total light availability did not affect lantana abundance. Understanding the spatially variable environmental factors in a heterogeneous landscape influencing the distribution of lantana would aid in making informed management decisions at this scale.

Lantana camara Linn leaf extract mediated green synthesis of gold nanoparticles and study of its catalytic activity. A facile one-step green synthesis of stable gold nanoparticles AuNPs has been described using chloroauric acid HAuCl4 and the leaf extract of Lantana camara Linn Verbenaceae family at room temperature.

The leaf extract enriched in various types of plant secondary metabolites is highly efficient for the reduction of chloroaurate ions into metallic gold and stabilizes the synthesized AuNPs without any additional stabilizing or capping agents.

Detailed characterizations of the synthesized gold nanoparticles were carried out by surface plasmon resonance spectroscopy, transmission electron microscopy, dynamic light scattering, Zeta potential, X-ray diffraction and Fourier transform-infrared spectroscopy studies.

The synthesized AuNPs have been utilized as a catalyst for the sodium borohydride reduction of 4-nitrophenol to 4-aminophenol in water at room temperature under mild reaction condition. The kinetics of the reduction reaction has been studied spectrophotometrically.

Plants of the Verbenaceae family, like L. To assess this, the morphology and ontogeny of the inflorescences of Lantana camara and the chemical composition of volatile secondary metabolites were analyzed at three different ontogeny stages. Fresh inflorescence stages were established and analyzed using a stereoscopic microscope, fixed in FAA and included in parafine.

Transversal and longitudinal 10 microm thick sections were prepared using a rotative microtome, safranine-fastgreen stained and were observed and photographed using a light microscope.

The chemical composition of volatile secondary metabolites were analyzed for each stage. The analytes, obtained from 0. The components were analyzed by gas chromatography coupled to mass spectrometry GC-MS. Stage I was microscopically characterized by an immature development in which the meristematic differentiation begins with a mass of cells.

In Stage II, the morphogenetic movement gives way to the formation of the respective floral sexual structures, calyx and corolla. In Stage III, the different organs are conspicuous: four stamens epipetals and didynamous, monocarpelar, biloculate and globose gynoecium, upper ovary and lateral stigma; the flowers are hermaphroditic. Nevertheless, this study reports for the first time in plant species alpha-gurjunene, gamma.

Vermicomposting eliminates the toxicity of Lantana Lantana camara and turns it into a plant friendly organic fertilizer. In evidently the first study of its kind, vermicompost derived solely from a weed known to possess plant and animal toxicity was used to assess its impact on the germination and early growth of several plant species. No pre-composting or supplementation of animal manure was done to generate the vermicompost in order to ensure that the impact is clearly attributable to the weed.

In terms of several physical, chemical and biochemical attributes that were studied, the vermicompost appeared plant-friendly, giving best results in general when employed at concentrations of 1. Fourier transform infrared spectrometry revealed that the phenols and the sesquiterpene lactones that are responsible for the allelopathic impact of Lantana were largely destroyed in the course of vermicomposting.

There is also an indication that lignin content of Lantana was reduced during its vermicomposting. The findings open up the possibility that the billions of tons of phytomass that is generated annually by Lantana and other invasives can be gainfully utilized in generating organic fertilizer via vermicomposting.

All rights reserved. Experimental and theoretical investigations of Lantana camara oil diffusion from polyacrylonitrile membrane for pulsatile drug delivery system.

Porous composite membrane of polyacrylonitrile PAN and Lantana camara essential oil was synthesized by solvent casting method. Pore size of few microns confirmed by electron microscopy was supported by atomic force microscopy indicating roughness factor of 0. Membrane showed excellent antibacterial activity against both Gram-positive Bacillus subtilis and Gram-negative Escherichia coli with a mm zone of inhibition. Diffusion of E-caryophyllene antibacterial component of oil which was studied through molecular simulation using Material Studio software ensued diffusion coefficient value of 1.

Such membranes can be efficiently used in biomedical applications as antibacterial and antifungal agent. Creams Formulated with Ocimum gratissimum L.

Diptera: Culicidae. Mosquitoes are the most deadly vectors of parasites that cause diseases such as malaria, yellow fever, and filariasis. In view of the recent increased interest in developing plant origin insecticides as an alternative to chemical insecticides, the objective of this study was to determine the repellent activity of creams formulated with methanol crude extract MCE , hexane fraction HF , and ethyl acetate fractions EAFs of Ocimum gratissimum and Lantana camara leaves in single and combined actions against female Aedes aegypti.

All the formulations presented good protection against mosquito bites without any allergic reaction by the human volunteers. The repellent activity was dependent on the strength of the extracts and fractions.

From the results, the combination of O. Creams formulated with Ocimum gratissimum L. Oleanane triterpenes with protein tyrosine phosphatase 1B inhibitory activity from aerial parts of Lantana camara collected in Indonesia and Japan. Four previously undescribed oleanane triterpenes were isolated together with known triterpenes and flavones from the Indonesian lantana.

The EtOH extracts of lantana collected in Ishigaki and Iriomote Islands exhibited different phytochemical profiles from each other and the Indonesian lantana. Triterpenes with a OH group were isolated from the Indonesian lantana only. The structures of previously undescribed compounds were assigned on the basis of their spectroscopic data.

Among the compounds obtained in this study, oleanolic acid exhibited the most potent activity against PTP1B, and is used as a positive control in studies on PTP1B. Pyrolysis of Lantana camara and Mimosa pigra: Influences of temperature, other process parameters and incondensable gas evolution on char yield and higher heating value.

Pyrolysis of invasive non-indigenous plants, Lantana camara LC and Mimosa pigra MP was conducted at milligram-scale for optimisation of temperature, heating rate and hold time on char yield and higher heating value HHV.

The impact of scaling-up to gram-scale was also studied, with chromatography used to correlate gas composition with HHV evolution. Statistically significant effects of temperature on char yield and HHV were obtained, while heating rate and hold time effects were insignificant.

Milligram-scale maximised HHVs were Scaling-up promoted secondary char formation thereby increasing HHVs, Incondensable gas analysis showed that temperature increase beyond preferred values caused dehydrogenation that decreased HHV.

Effect of vermicast generated from an allelopathic weed lantana Lantana camara on seed germination, plant growth, and yield of cluster bean Cyamopsis tetragonoloba. In perhaps the first-ever study of its kind, the effect of vermicompost, derived solely from an allelopathic weed, on the germination, growth, and yield of a botanical species, has been carried out. In test plots, the soil was treated with the vermicompost of lantana Lantana camara at the rates of 5, 7.

The performance of these systems was compared with the systems in which the soil was fortified with inorganic fertilizers IFs in concentrations equivalent to those present in the respective vermicompost VC treatments.

Additionally, a set of control was studied in which the soil was used without fortification by either VC or IF. It was seen that up to VC also supported better plant growth in terms of stem diameter, shoot length, shoot mass, number of leaves, and leaf pigments.

The positive impact extended up to fruit yield. In addition, vermicast application enhanced root nodule formation, reduced disease incidence, and allowed for a smaller number of stunted plants. The results indicate that allelopathic ingredients of lantana seem to have been totally eliminated during the course of its vermicomposting and that lantana vermicompost has the potential to support germination, growth, and fruit yield better than equivalent quantities of IFs.

A Battle Lost? Recent discussion on invasive species has invigorated the debate on strategies to manage these species. In Australia, India and South Africa, Lantana has become very widespread occupying millions of hectares of land. Here, we examine historical records to reconstruct invasion and management of Lantana over two centuries and ask: Can we fight the spread of invasive species or do we need to develop strategies for their adaptive management?

The records indicate that governments in Australia, India and South Africa have taken aggressive measures to eradicate Lantana over the last two centuries, but these efforts have been largely unsuccessful. We found that despite control measures, the invasion trajectory of Lantana has continued upwards and that post-war land-use change might have been a possible trigger for this spread.

An understanding of species invasions over long time-scales is of paramount importance. While archival records may give only a partial picture of the spread and management of invasive species, in the absence of any other long-term dataset on the ecology of Lantana, our study provides an important insight into its invasion, spread and management over two centuries and across three continents. While the established paradigm is to expend available resources on attempting to eradicate invasive species, our findings suggest that in the future, conservationists will need to develop strategies for their adaptive management rather than fighting a losing battle.

Influence of soil texture, moisture, and surface cracks on the performance of a root-feeding flea beetle, Longitarsus bethae Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae , a biological control agent for Lantana camara Verbenaceae. Laboratory studies were conducted to determine the influence of soil texture, moisture and surface cracks on adult preference and survival of the root-feeding flea beetle, Longitarsus bethae Savini and Escalona Coleoptera: Chrysomelidae , a natural enemy of the weed, Lantana camara L.

Adult feeding, oviposition preference, and survival of the immature stages of L. Both soil texture and moisture had no influence on leaf feeding and colonization by adult L.

Soil texture had a significant influence on oviposition, with adults preferring to lay on clayey and sandy soils to silty or sandy loam soils. However, survival to adulthood was significantly higher in clayey soils than in other soil textures.

There was a tendency for females to deposit more eggs at greater depth in both clayey and sandy soils than in other soil textures. Although oviposition preference and depth of oviposition were not influenced by soil moisture, survival in moderately moist soils was significantly higher than in other moisture levels. Development of immature stages in high soil moisture levels was significantly slower than in other soil moisture levels. There were no variations in the body size of beetles that emerged from different soil textures and moisture levels.

Females laid almost three times more eggs on cracked than on noncracked soils. It is predicted that clayey and moderately moist soils will favor the survival of L. This information will aid in the selection of suitable release sites where L. Rover mast calibration, exact camera pointing, and camara handoff for visual target tracking. This paper presents three technical elements that we have developed to improve the accuracy of the visual target tracking for single-sol approach-and-instrument placement in future Mars rover missions.

An accurate, straightforward method of rover mast calibration is achieved by using a total station, a camera calibration target, and four prism targets mounted on the rover. The method was applied to Rocky8 rover mast calibration and yielded a 1. Camera pointing requires inverse kinematic solutions for mast pan and tilt angles such that the target image appears right at the center of the camera image.

Two issues were raised. Mast camera frames are in general not parallel to the masthead base frame. Further, the optical axis of the camera model in general does not pass through the center of the image. Despite these issues, we managed to derive non-iterative closed-form exact solutions, which were verified with Matlab routines.

Actual camera pointing experiments aver 50 random target image paints yielded less than 1. Finally, a purely geometric method for camera handoff using stereo views of the target has been developed. Experimental test runs show less than 2. Luces, Camara , Accion! The study investigates how language is used among 17 children in a dual language classroom as they create academic-based one-act plays in conjunction with social studies instruction.

Examining over 20 hours of video, the teacher researcher analyzes students' use of translanguaging during cooperative groupings in order to co-accomplish an….

Significance of staphylocci present in periodontal lesions, pulp gangrene and in the alveolus after tooth extraction]. A study was carried out on the properties and significance of staphylococci isolated from the alveoli after dental extraction 12 strains , from parodontal pus 19 strains and pulpar gangrene 15 strains.

By their frequency, staphylococci of the Staphylococcus aureus have an etiologic significance in pulpar gangrene. Of particular importance for the diagnosis and epidemiology was the predominance of lysotype 80 among the staphylococci isolated from pulpar gangrene and lysotype 77 in healthy carriers.

In 2 of 11 patients the coexistence of the same lysotype was found in the pulpar gangrene and nasal secretion. In this paper will be introduced a method of astrophotography using a non-reflex photographic camera a low-cost method.

It will be revised some photographic processes commonly used nowadays for comparison with the aims of this paper. Statistical Report. For most…. Statistical Report Verbenaceae originates from tropical Central and South America and has become invasive in about 50 countries.

It causes problems when invading rangelands due to its toxicity to livestock and its tendency to form dense, monotonous thickets.


Its invasiveness can partly be explained by the high tannin content largely protecting the species from being browsed, its tolerance to a wide range of environmental conditions, as well as its general preference for anthropogenically disturbed habitats.

The dispersal of L. In our study, we investigated the distribution of L. We assessed 23 ecological factors and factors related to land-use and conservation-political history.

Major effects on the local abundance of L. Hence, the spread of non-native L. Federal Register , , , , An image intensifier was designed for use as one of the primary tracking systems for the barium cloud experiment at Wallops Island.

Two computer programs, a definitive stellar camara calibration program and a geodetic stellar camara orientation program, were originally developed at Wallops on a GE computer. A mathematical procedure for determining the image intensifier distortions is outlined, and the implementation of the model in the Wallops computer programs is described. The analytical calibration of metric cameras is also discussed.

Gross, computed tomographic and histological findings in mandibular cheek teeth extracted from horses with clinical signs of pulpitis due to apical infection. The most prevalent type of equine dental pulpitis due to apical infection is not associated with coronal fractures or periodontal disease.

The pathogenesis of this type of pulpitis is not fully understood. Computed tomography CT is increasingly used to investigate equine dental disorders. However, gross, tomographic and histopathological changes in equine dental pulpitis have not been compared previously. To compare gross, CT and histological appearances of sectioned mandibular cheek teeth extracted from horses with clinical signs of pulpitis without coronal fractures or periodontal disease.

To contribute to understanding the pathogenesis of equine dental pulpitis. Descriptive study using diseased and healthy teeth. Mandibular cheek teeth extracted from horses with clinical signs of pulpitis cases , and from cadavers with no history of dental disease controls , were compared using CT in the transverse plane at 1 mm intervals.

Teeth were then sectioned transversely, photographed and processed for histopathological examination. Tomographs were compared with corresponding gross and histological sections.

Twelve discrete dental lesions were identified grossly, 10 of which were characterised histologically. Reactive and reparative dentinogenesis and extensive pulpar mineralisation, previously undescribed, were identified. Pulpar oedema, neutrophilic inflammation, cement and enamel defects, and reactive cemental deposition were also observed. The CT and pathological findings corresponded well where there was mineralised tissue deposited, defects in mineralised tissue, or food material in the pulpar area.

Pulpar and dentinal necrosis and cement destruction, evident grossly and histologically, did not correspond to CT changes. Computed tomography is useful for identifying deposition and.

Radiographic, computed tomographic, gross pathological and histological findings with suspected apical infection in 32 equine maxillary cheek teeth Equine maxillary cheek teeth apical infections are a significant disorder because of frequent spread of infection to the supporting bones. The accuracy of computed tomographic imaging CT of this disorder has not been fully assessed. To compare the radiographic and CT findings in horses diagnosed with maxillary cheek teeth apical infections with pathological findings in the extracted teeth to assess the accuracy of these imaging techniques.

Observational clinical study. Thirty-two maxillary cheek teeth in 29 horses diagnosed with apical infections by clinical, radiographic and principally by CT examinations, were extracted orally. The extracted teeth were subjected to further CT, gross pathological and histological examinations.

Four normal teeth extracted from a cadaver served as controls. On CT, one tooth contained small gas pockets in the apical aspect of one pulp and adjacent periodontal space, however no pathological changes were found following its extraction. The study is descriptive and is confined to a small number of cases. Bataller, B. Kappus , C. Camara , S. Collision Time Measurements in a Bataller, G.? Plateau, B. Kappus , S. Hess and Camara have shown that it is post-divorce family functioning, rather than family structure, that is most important in influencing the effects of divorce on children.

A child's adjustment to divorce should be viewed as a developmental process rather than as a single event. Consequently, it is important to focus on the ways in which…. Research Report A recurrent trend in higher education research has been to identify additional predictors of college success beyond the traditional measures of high school grade point average HSGPA and standardized test scores, given that a large percentage of unaccounted variance in college performance remains.


A recent study by Wyatt, Wiley, Camara , and…. Planning for Proficiency. Dimension: Language ' Report of the Southern Conference on Language Teaching Since the time of Sputnik, American educators and policymakers have recognized the need to raise expectations by increasing rigor in high schools across the United States.

Copious studies attest to the fact that students who take Advanced Placement coursework experience success in college Adelman, ; Camara , ; College Board, ;…. Assessing distributions of two invasive species of contrasting habits in future climate. Understanding the impact of climate change on species invasion is crucial for sustainable biodiversity conservation. Through this study, we try to answer how species differing in phenological cycles, specifically Cassia tora and Lantana camara , differ in the manner in which they invade new regions in India in the future climate.

Since both species occupy identical niches, exploring their invasive potential in different climate change scenarios will offer critical insights into invasion and inform ecosystem management.

We use three modelling protocols i. The study reveals that the distributions of C. The distribution ranges of both species could shift in the northern and north-eastern directions in India, owing to changes in moisture availability. The possible alterations in precipitation regimes could lead to water stress, which might have cascading effects on species invasion.

This comparative analysis of the future distributions of two invasive plants with contrasting habits demonstrates that temporal complementarity would prevail over the competition. Sperm immobilization by dental focus microorganisms. Focal infections and their ability to produce alterations in different tissues have been in dispute for long time. The purpose of this work was to observe "in vitro" the effect of an Escherichia coli filtrate obtained from open pulpar necrosis on human sperm motility.

It was observed that the E. The immobilizating factor was studied and characterized as a heat-stable, resistant to lyophilization and non-dializable substance, which could via blood stream reach the male reproductive system and affect sperm motility. The agent was applied in the evening under inversion conditions, and with a wind velocity between The vegetation in the various plots ranged in height from feet for Lantana Lantana Although the plots were accessible by ground vehicles, they were in areas isolated from.

EB Orbits for Drone Flight Oblique camaras had beendesigned to allow photography from a safe distance, but the heavy tree cover in Laos usually required vertical photography for. A new method for qualitative simulation of water resources systems: 2. As was presented previously Camara et al. Two applications to water resources systems are included to illustrate SLIN's potential usefulness: the environmental impact evaluation of a hydropower plant and the assessment of oil dispersion in the sea after a tanker wreck.

Constitucion Politica de los Estados Unidos Mexicanos, art 89 fracc. X Camara de Diputados del H. Congreso de la Union Mexico: D. Gobierno de la Convert Action Quarterly, No. VI, Evaluation of biomass of some invasive weed species as substrate for oyster mushroom Pleurotus spp.

This study assessed the bioconversion of Agriculture wastes like invasive weeds species Lantana camara , Prosopis juliflora, Parthenium hysterophorus as a substrate for oyster mushroom Pleurotus species cultivation together with wheat straw as a control.

The experiment was laid out in factorial combination of substrates and three edible oyster mushroom species in a Completely Randomized Design CRD with three replications. Pleurotus ostreatus gave significantly p camara.

Crude protein ranged from Lowest crude protein content The crude fiber content The lowest crude fiber 5. Total yield had a positive and significant correlation with biological efficiency and production. Utilization of the plant biomass for mushroom cultivation could contribute to alleviating ecological impact of invasive weed species while offering practical option to mitigating hunger and malnutrition in areas where the invasive weeds became dominant. Influence of open dumping of municipal solid wastes MSW on metal contamination of soil, plants, and earthworms in Ranchi, Jharkhand, India, was studied over 6-month period.

Dumpsite in the study area exists in two sections, old section where waste dumping has stopped and new section where wastes are currently disposed. Geoaccumulation index indicated uncontaminated to moderate level of soil contamination at old dumpsite and soil at new dumpsite was found to be uncontaminated.

Parthenium hysterophorus, Lantana camara , and Calotropis procera were the main plants found in patchy distribution around dumpsite. Plants exhibited almost similar levels of metal concentration in roots and shoots. Results highlights that soil contamination due to metals is occurring at the dumpsite which is also leading to transfer of metals to plants and earthworms which can pose serious risk to environment and human health.

The plants identified can be used for decontamination of metals from the dumpsite. Comparison of computed tomography and high-field 3. Modern imaging techniques such as computed tomography CT and magnetic resonance imaging MRI have the advantage of producing images without superimposition. Whilst CT is a well-established technique for dental diagnostics, MRI examinations are rarely used for the evaluation of dental diseases in horses.

Regarding equine endodontic therapies which are increasingly implemented, MRI could help to portray changes of the periodontal ligament and display gross pulpar anatomy.


Knowledge of age-related changes is essential for diagnosis, as cheek teeth and surrounding structures alter with increasing age. The aim of the present study was to highlight the advantages of CT and MRI regarding age-related changes in selected equine cheek teeth and their adjacent structures.

Pulpar sizes ranged from Mosquitoes derive energy from plant sugar, thereby promoting survival and reproduction. Its survival value to females plays a key role in the vectorial capacity of mosquito populations. Previous olfactometry assays of responsiveness demonstrated that Senna didymobotrya Fresenius, Parthenium hysterophorus, L. Senna occidentalis, L and Lantana camara L were among the most attractive plants for the Mbita strain of Anopheles gambiae s.

Giles in eastern Africa. Here, we provide experimental evidence that three of these four species also provide varying but substantial amounts of sugar for mosquito survival, whereas a fourth does not.


Rank order of survival of both sexes of mosquitoes housed with these plants was as follows: S. A causal connection between survival and sugar availability was established by exposing mosquitoes to plants overnight, and then testing them for the presence and amount of undigested fructose.

Fructose positivity was most frequent in those exposed to L. Parthenium hysterophorus scored lowest in both categories.

We conclude that attractiveness and sugar availability are often, but not always, concordant. It remains unclear why P. Furthermore, the cause behind the superior survival benefit of S. Orionis is a small Neotropical euphorine genus, currently in the tribe Perilitini. Although the biology of the genus is unknown, Orionis eximius Muesebeck was described from a single female specimen reared from a cocoon associated with Lantana camara.

Here, we present a taxonomic revision of Orionis and the first records of the genus from South America and Thailand, with descriptions of three new species: O. We also report the first record of O.

A revised key for the described species is presented. Optoelectronics Research Center. Stone, A. Malcoci, R. Miles, and I. Camara Mayorga, Electron. Roh, T. Yeoh, R. Swint, A. Huber, C. Shore, Unlocking dynamical diversity, Wiley, Grillot, K.


Veselinov, M. Gioannini, I. Montrosset, J. Even, R. Piron, E. Homeyer, S Topics Quantum Electron. Cataluna, D. Nikitichev, S. Mikroulis, H.


Simos, C. Representing massive gravitons, as a way to quantify early universe magnetic field contributions to space-time, created by non linear electrodynamics. We review a relationship between cosmological vacuum energy and massive gravitons as given by Garattini and also the nonlinear electrodynamics of Camara et.

Note, that in theDupays et. Also, Corda and Questa do not assume a spinning star. We conclude with a comparison between the Lagrangian Dupays and other authors bring up for non linear electrodynamics which is for rapidly spinning neutron stars , and a linkage between the Goldstone theorem and NLED. Our conclusion is for generalizing results seen in the Dupays neutron star Lagrangian with conditions which may confirm C. Escobar and L. If the universe does not spin, then we will stick with the density analogy given by adapting density as proportional to one over the fourth power of the minimum value of the scale factor as computed by adaptation of the Camara et.

What may happen is that the Camara density and Quintessential density are both simultaneously satisfied, which would put additional restrictions on the magnetic field, which is one of our considerations, regardless if a universe spins, akin to spinning neutron stars.

The spinning universe though. Traditional use of mosquito-repellent plants in western Kenya and their evaluation in semi-field experimental huts against Anopheles gambiae: ethnobotanical studies and application by thermal expulsion and direct burning. Ethnobotanical survey in 2 communities in western Kenya revealed that the most commonly known repellent plants were Ocimum americanum L.

Juss 8. Direct burning of plants is the most common method of application for O. Placing branches or whole plants inside houses is most common for H. The repellency of plants suggested by the ethnobotanical survey and other empirical information was evaluated against the malaria vector Anopheles gambiae s.

Giles in experimental huts within a screenwalled greenhouse. Thermal expulsion and direct burning were tested as alternative application methods for the selected plants O.

When thermally expelled, only H. A critical review of the literature suggests that the microenvironment of dentinal tubules appears to favour the selection of relatively few bacterial types irrespective of the aetiology of the infection process; coronal dental caries or pulpar necrosis.

These bacteria may constitute an important reservoir from which root canal infection and reinfection may occur following pulp necrosis or during and after endodontic treatment. Previous studies of this microflora have utilized microbiological culture techniques which need to be supplemented by those that allow in situ demonstration as well as identification of the bacteria.

Newer treatment strategies that are designed to eliminate this microflora must include agents that can penetrate the dentinal tubules and destroy these microorganisms, since they are located in an area beyond the host defence mechanisms where they cannot be reached by systemically administered antimicrobial agents.

Systemic cholesterol embolism is a rare complication of atherosclerosis, and has various presentations. Arterial catheterisms are a common cause. However, the association with an aortic dissection has been exceptionally reported. We report the observation of a 70 year-old man, with coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes and dyslipidemia. Six months before hospitalization, a coronary angioplasty was performed due to recurrent angina. The association of purpuric lesions on the feet, with acute renal failure confirmed cholesterol embolism syndrome.

Transoesophageal echocardiography showed a dissection of the descending thoracic aorta associated with complex atheroma. The evolution was marked by the pulpar necrosis of a toe and by a worsening of the renal failure, requiring definitive hemodialysis.


Further echographic control highlighted the rupture of the intimal veil of the dissection. Cholesterol embolism syndrome may reveal an aortic dissection in patients without thoracic symptoms.

In such cases, transoesophageal echocardiography is a useful and non-invasive examination. Morphologic study of tissue changes occurring in the apical third and periapex of rat molars after endodontic treatment performed under different occlusal conditions.

The purpose of the present study was to carry out a histologic study of the periapical changes of the maxillary first molar of rats submitted to endodontic treatment under different occlusal conditions. The experiment was carried out under conditions analogous to those used in clinical practice. Pulpotomy, pulpectomy and chemomechanical preparation of the mesial root canal were carried out according to previously established techniques and the mesial root canal was filled with cement and gutta-percha.

A glass ionomer cement was used as restorative material under conditions of subocclusion, normal occlusion and excessive occlusal forces. No inflammatory reaction of periapical tissue was observed under the three conditions used, and active closing of the root canal was observed 15 days after the procedure, with the formation of cementum replacing the pulpar remnant.

Antimicrobial agents from selected medicinal plants in Libya. To test the in vitro antimicrobial efficacy of water and methanol extracts of 23 plant species that are commonly used in Libyan folk medicine. The antimicrobial activity was determined using the well-diffusion method.

Four test microorganisms were used namely, Escherichia coli, Salmonella species, Staphylococcus aureus and Bacillus subtilis. The minimum inhibitory concentration MIC was determined for the high biologically active crude plant extracts.

Among 23 medicinal plants used in the study, only 5 methanolic extracts [Rosmarinus offcinalis L. Hoffm link ] showed the highest antimicrobial activity against Staphylococcus aureus, Bacillus subtilis and Salmonella species, while 22 methanolic and aqueous extracts showed moderate to weak antimicrobial activity on all tested organisms. MIC was found to be 1. The present results revealed that, crude methanolic extracts of the investigated Libyan folk medicinal plants exhibited mild to high in vitro antibacterial activities against Gram-positive and Gram-negative microorganisms.

In vitro antileishmanial activity of Mexican medicinal plants. To evaluate the anti-leishmanial activity and cytotoxicity of aqueous and organic extracts of ten plants used in Mexican traditional medicine as anti-parasitics. The extracts were tested against promastigotes and intracellular amastigotes of Leishmania amazonensis. Four of the thirty extracts tested were active and selective against L. The results derived from this study indicate that L. In vitro antibacterial activity of selected medicinal plants from lower Himalayas.

The present studies cover antibacterial activity of the crude methanolic extracts of 11 medicinal plants viz. Adhatoda vasica, Bauhenia variegate, Bombax ceiba, Carrisa opaca, Caryopteris grata, Debregeasia salicifolia, Lantana camara , Melia azedarach, Phyllanthus emblica, Pinus roxburghii and Olea ferruginea collected from lower Himalayas against two Gram positive Staphylococcus aureus, Micrococcus luteus and two Gram negative Escherichia coli, Pseudomonas aureginosa bacterial strains.

Antibacterial activities against Staphylococcus aureus and Micrococcus luteus were observed formethanolic extracts of all the above mentioned plants. Greater antibacterial activity against Pseudomonas aeruginosa was only exhibited by Phyllanthus emblica, Pinus roxburghii, Debregeasia salicifolia and Lantana camara. Escherichia coli was highly resistant to all the plant extracts at all concentrations.

It is inferred that methanolic crude extracts of the above mentioned plantsexhibitantibacterial activities against pathogenic bacteria, which proved the ethnobotanical importance of the selected plants that indigenous people use for cure against various diseases. High resolution reconstruction of monthly autumn and winter precipitation of Iberian Peninsula for last years. Precipitation over Iberian Peninsula IP presents large values of interannual variability and large spatial contrasts between wet mountainous regions in the north and dry regions in the southern plains.

Unlike other European regions, IP was poorly monitored for precipitation during 19th century. Here we present a new approach to fill this gap.

A set of 26 atmospheric circulation weather types Trigo R. Principal Component Regression Analysis was chosen to develop monthly precipitation reconstruction back to and calibrated over period for monthly precipitation series of high-density homogenized MOPREDAS Monthly Precipitation Database for Spain and Portugal database. Validation was conducted over at 15 key site locations.

Results show high model performance for selected months, with a mean coefficient of variation CV around 0. Lower CV values were achieved in western area of IP. Trigo, R. Mng'ong'o, Frank C. Sustained malaria control is underway using a combination of vector control, prompt diagnosis and treatment of malaria cases. Progress is excellent, but for long-term control, low-cost, sustainable tools that supplement existing control programs are needed.

Conventional vector control tools such as indoor residual spraying and house screening are highly effective, but difficult to deliver in rural areas. Therefore, an additional means of reducing mosquito house entry was evaluated: the screening of mosquito house entry points by planting the tall and densely foliated repellent plant Lantana camara L.


A pilot efficacy study was performed in Kagera Region, Tanzania in an area of high seasonal malaria transmission, where consenting families within the study village planted L. Questionnaire data on house design, socioeconomic status, malaria prevention knowledge, attitude and practices was collected from houses with Lantana planted around them 90 houses without repellent plants.

Data were analysed with generalised negative binomial regression, controlling for the effect of sampling period. Indoor catches of mosquitoes in houses with Lantana were compared using the Incidence Rate Ratio IRR relative to houses without plants in an adjusted analysis. IRR 0. Repellent plants provide affordable natural screening to prevent mosquito house entry in tropical rural settings--results from a pilot efficacy study. A new class of strongly coupled plasmas inspired by sonoluminescence.

This plasma is in LTE and therefore, it should be a general thermodynamic state. To test the universality of sonoluminescence, similar plasma conditions were generated using femtosecond laser breakdown in high pressure gases. Calibrated streak spectroscopy reveals both transport and thermodynamic properties of a strongly coupled plasma.

A blackbody spectrum, which persists long after the exciting laser has turned off, indicates the presence of a highly ionized LTE microplasma. In parallel with sonoluminescence, this thermodynamic state is achieved via a considerable reduction in the ionization potential. Invasive alien plant species dynamics in the Himalayan region under climate change. Climate change will impact the dynamics of invasive alien plant species IAPS. However, the ability of IAPS under changing climate to invade mountain ecosystems, particularly the Himalayan region, is less known.

Two invasive species, Ageratum conyzoides and Parthenium hysterophorus, will lose overall suitable area by , while Ageratina adenophora, Chromolaena odorata and Lantana camara will gain suitable areas and all of them will retain most of the current habitat as stable. The southern Himalayan foothills will mostly conserve species ecological niches, while suitability of all the five species will decrease with increasing elevation.

Such invasion dynamics in the Himalayan region could have impacts on numerous ecosystems and their biota, ecosystem services and human well-being. Trans-boundary response strategies suitable to the local context of the region could buffer some of the likely invasion impacts. Lutzomyia evansi is a recognized vector of Leishmania infantum in Colombia and Venezuela. To describe and illustrate the morphological abnormalities in Lu.

Phlebotomine sand flies were collected using CDC light traps, Shannon traps and aspiration in resting places. Abnormalities in the cibarium of Lu. Lutzomyia evansi can have uncommon morphological variants associated with an increase in the number of teeth in the cibarium and their arrangement, which may lead to errors in the taxonomic identification of anomalous specimens.

The study of such deformities can serve to avoid taxonomic identification errors. A novel technique to produce x-rays for XRF, medical, and scientific purposes. A long-standing mystery in science is the process whereby charge spontaneously exchanges between different materials that are brought into contact.

After thousands of years of study there is no ab initio theory of tribocharging. Since then, we have improved the X-ray output by 6 orders of magnitude and controlled the emission for use in a commercial product. Here we present an overview of this technology for use in X-ray fluorescence and X-ray imaging.

Longitudinal evaluation of Ocimum and other plants effects on the feeding behavioral response of mosquitoes Diptera: Culicidae in the field in Tanzania.

Background The use of repellent materials from plants against nuisance insects is common with great potential to compliment existing malaria control programmes and this requires evaluation in the field. Ocimum plant species, Ocimum suave Willd and O. The protective effect of essential oils from Ocimum plants were compared with N, N-diethly methylbenzamide DEET , a standard synthetic repellent.

Also, the protective effect of fumigation by burning of repellent plants; Ocimum suave, Ocimum kilimandscharicum, Azadirachta indica, Eucalyptus globules and Lantana camara were tested in experimental huts and selected local houses. Results In the field, protection by Ocimum plants from mosquito bites was high and there was small variation among different mosquito species.

Protection efficiency was In the experimental hut, deterrence induced by burning of Ocimum and other plants ranged from Evaluations under field conditions confirmed high protective efficacy, enhanced feeding inhibition and house entry inhibition Deterrence. Conclusion This study shows the potential of Ocimum suave and Ocimum kilimandscharicum crude extracts and whole plants of Ocimum suave, Ocimum kilimandscharicum, Azadirachta indica, Eucalyptus globules and Lantana camara for use in protecting against human biting while the burning of.

Metal phytoremediation potential of naturally growing plants on fly ash dumpsite of Patratu thermal power station, Jharkhand, India.

Three naturally growing plants Ipomoea carnea, Lantana camara , and Solanum surattense were found in fly ash dumpsite of Patratu thermal power station, Jharkhand, India.

They were assessed for their metal uptake potential. The fly ash was slightly alkaline with very less nitrogen and organic carbon but enriched with phosphorus and heavy metals. Lantana camara and Ipomoea carnea showed good translocation from root to shoot for most of the metals except Mn and Pb. But Solanum surattense accumulated most of the metals in roots.

The order was in the following order, Mn ANOVA showed significant variation in metal accumulation by root and stem between the species. Finally, it can be concluded that Solanum surattense can be used as phytostabilizer and other two species as phytoextractor of metal for fly ash dumpsite reclamation. Weather types and the regime of wildfires in Portugal. An objective classification scheme, as developed by Trigo and Da Camara , was applied to classify the daily atmospheric circulation affecting Portugal between and into a set of 10 basic weather types WTs.

The classification scheme relies on a set of atmospheric circulation indices, namely southerly flow SF , westerly flow WF , total flow F , southerly shear vorticity ZS , westerly shear vorticity ZW and total vorticity Z. The weather-typing approach, together with surfacemeteorological variables e. The objective of this study is to explore the dependence of wildfire activity on weather and climate and then evaluate the potential of WTs to discriminate among recorded wildfires on what respects to their occurrence and development.

Results show that days characterised by surface flow with an eastern component i. NE, E and SE account for a high percentage of daily burnt area, as opposed to surface westerly flow NW, W and SW , which represents about a quarter of the total number of days but only accounts for a very low percentage of active fires and of burnt area.

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